FarmHouse Fresh Mint Condition Hand Balm

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Super smooth & silky hands ahead!

What it is:  decadent, super-silky balm that gives hands a renewed, youthful, healthy look. Nourishes and smooths while providing deep, lasting hydration day or night!

Why you'll love it: This velvety balm wraps your hands in a luscious blend of moisture-infusing hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and an advanced lightening peptide – making them look and feel incredible! It deeply hydrates and soothes dry, cracked skin with buttery, wholesome ingredients like macadamia nut oil, shea butter and cooling spearmint extract grown on our farm. You’ll see an immediate difference as your hands become soft, smooth and visibly younger-looking!

For an all-over night treatment, apply a small amount entirely on the hands, including knuckles and cuticles. For a daytime moisture boost, focus on tops of hands, between fingers, and on cuticles.