Game Day Beaded Guitar Straps

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Beaded spirit straps elevate your clear bag game and stand out from the crowd! The all new beaded purse straps are completely custom designed featuring a 2” width  and is custom beaded in India.   Each strap is finished off with gold hardware to perfectly pair back to the Hadley clear bag! 

 The “Hook 'em” and “Boomer” straps feature the years they won National titles! This spirit strap is the perfect commemorative addition to your game day attire, whether you are going to the game or just to the tailgate. 

Stars, stripes, hearts, flags let’s have fun with the customization!   Please make sure to offer a non trademarked slogan for your request, you can even put your name on it, FUN!  Call us at 817-431-8910 to get your custom order going!