Summer is Coming Who's Ready....FarmHouse Fresh Has You Covered

Summer is Coming Who's Ready....FarmHouse Fresh Has You Covered

Melissa Schneider

The summer months are fast approaching and our skin that has been hibernating for the past seven months might be lacking some luster or color or perhaps is a touch sensitive to the bright yellow sun shining down. No need to fret, because Hoola Hoops has everyone covered with some fantastic products from FarmHouse Fresh. 

The first product that is a must is the newly tinted Elevated Shade mineral-based sunscreen. The super velvety matte finish sunscreen is a great product for anyone on the go this summer who wants to protect their skin and look beautiful doing it. 

For anyone who has spent one too many hours running around getting that vitamin D, another great product to have on hand is Ahhhsome Relief. A cooling foam-to-oil mousse with aloe, natural rosemary, and mint oils.

A staple product to have all year round, Bronze Fox tanning drops gives anyone a beach-kissed look within hours. The blend of moisture-loving acids helps plump the complexion giving the skin a glowing bounce. 

The final two products to add to your summer regiment is Lustre Drench instant glow dry oil and Sunshine Silk shimmer air oil. Lustre Drench gives your skin an instant glow with a fast absorbing feathery-light oil. The Sunshine Silk shimmer is infused with a touch of rose-gold illumination for a soft supple glow. 

Now that everyone is in the know with the perfect summertime FarmHouse Fresh products make sure to stock up that pool bag!